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Visible Soul Home Kiowa style hi-top moccassins belt strike-a-lights weapon cases waterbird strike-a-light
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  knife sheaths moccassins pipe bags wood objects assorted

Tour the Historical Reproductions Gallery page by page by clicking "tour >" (recommended for modem connections) or you can visit individual pages by clicking the thumbnails above.

The Historical Reproductions Gallery has my beadwork pieces made in older American Indian styles. Some were made for reenactors and collectors to fit a certain historical period or style. Others were crafted for pow-wow regalia but they do not represent current pow-wow fashion. All of these items are based on examples in various museums or private collections. None of them are exact copies of any existing work. It is considered bad form to exactly copy the work of other people - living or dead. My historical reproductions, though based on historical examples, are always original designs. Some actually combine modern & historical motifs or techniques but they retain the overall look of older pieces.

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