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Modem connections: The photos in these galleries may take a little while to load. The file sizes are slightly larger to show detail which, after all, is what beadwork is all about. Modem users may want to tour the pages in order. The images should preload and make for a more enjoyable experience.

The Pow-wow Regalia Gallery has my more traditional Native American style beadwork pieces. I specialize in Southern Plains pow-wow regalia. I have done a few reproductions of antique pieces but I enjoy seeing my work in use more than I enjoy seeing it hanging on a wall. I almost never go to a Texas pow-wow where I don't see at least one dancer wearing some of my work.

The Featherwork Gallery is really more pow-wow regalia. All feathers are dropped feathers from domestic birds. Mostly Macaw, Parrot & Turkey.

The Historical Reproductions Gallery has my pieces in older American Indian styles. Some were made for reenactors and collectors. Others were actually crafted for pow-wow regalia but they do not represent current pow-wow fashion.

The More Beadwork Gallery has items that didn't exactly fit into one of my other categories. Some are Native American style designs beaded on non-traditional objects. Some are original designs that are not based on traditional styles.

Beadworkers! Keep in mind that it is bad manners to copy anyone's work. Some patterns have special significance to individuals and families and are considered to be their personal property. If you do copy, even museum examples, you will be disappointed when you see another person wearing the same pattern as you. I've seen it happen many times. Feel free to adapt my designs but please show me and every other beadworker the courtesy to never copy.

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