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Kiowa style moccassins
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Kiowa style Hi-top Moccassins Kiowa style Hi-top Moccassins
German tan buckskin , 13/0 Czech charlottes, 14/0 French , 16/0-18/0 Czech & Italian, 16/0 nickel beads, nickel spots, Buffalo rawhide soles,
Gallery Frame
Flap detail 1 Flap detail 1
A slightly closer view of flap of moccassin.
Flap detail 2 Flap detail 2
Detail shows use of Flat Comanche Stitch on bottom of flap. OK, so they're not exactly Kiowa style...
Cross detail Cross detail
Detail of cross on toe of moccassin. Note size of beads relative to the 13/0 beads used on flap.