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  • Visible Soul Beadwork forum. Beads and beadwork discussion board. Questions, answers, and general chat about bead related topics. More bead links are available on the Bead Links thread of my forum.
  • My beadwork portfolio. There's nothing for sale in this section of my site but there are a lot of beadwork photos.
  • My online catalog sometimes has some beadwork for sale. If not then there's a good chance I have something listed on eBay.
  • My eBay store. Check my feedback and buy my beadwork with confidence through eBay.

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Aside from a few odds and ends that I occasionally list on ebay I don't usually sell bead supplies. I compiled this list as a service to you beadworkers out there who are always searching for a certain rare bead or a better price on those you use all the time. I'll be honest and tell you I had reservations about sharing a couple of these sites because I naturally feel a little protective of the few places that I can find my favorite rare beads. But my desire to encourage beaders won out over my desire to be a link-miser so here you go. If you have some good sources that are not on my list why not email me or post to the Bead Links thread of my forum and do your good deed for the day.

I have experience buying from these sources and can recommend them.

  • Crazy Crow Trading Post has just about the best selection you can find for Native American crafts supplies and supplies for historical re-enactors. Crazy Crow also bought out Bovis Beads and now distributes French beads including "Old Time Color" beads.
  • Sioux Trading Post is another great source for NA craft supplies. They have some rare old-stock beads also.
  • Wakeda Trading Post. Great catalog of NA craft supplies. Wakeda recently started selling some finished goods on ebay.
  • Empyrean Beads has a good selection of hard-to find beads including 15/0 Czech charlotte true-cuts. Their customer service really is second to none! Tell them sent you.
  • Bead Cats has been around for a long time. Possibly one of the first online bead stores. If you need rare beads they just might have what you're looking for.

Here are some more bead stores. I have not yet ordered from these but I know that they have been around for quite a while.

  • Steve Eagles. Large NA craft supply catalog with a good selection of painted feathers. You may need to order the print catalog to see their full selection.
  • Shipwreck Beads. A very large selection of beads.
  • Fire Mountain Gems A large selection of beads and jewelry making supplies. Not as good of a selection for seed-beaders.

These are bead stores that I have recently found. I do not have any experience in ordering from them. I include them for handy reference in no particular order.

more bead links.

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  • Visible Soul Beadwork forum. Beads and beadwork discussion board. Questions, answers, and general chat about bead related topics. Everyone welcome.
  • Glass Seed beaders eBay Group. A new group with 111 members as of 5/18/04. All seed beads all the time! I'm a moderator on this one.
  • Beads beads and more beads eBay Group. With 1332 members as of 5/18/04 it's a good place to pick some brains for beading info. Mostly jewelry bead stringers.
  • Bead Addicts Enter Here thread on the eBay Hobbies & Crafts discussion board. Lots of off-topic banter but there's some gold to be mined.
  • Any beaders here? thread on the eBay Jewelry, Gemstones & Watches discussion board. Mostly talk about jewelry bead stringing. Good info.
  • beadwork forums A very active beadwork site with forums, instructions, and everything you want to know about beads.
  • ChicChat Beading Forum "Friendly and helpful community forum dedicated to the wonderful art of beading and handmade jewelry."