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Watercolor is my favorite painting medium. I like its transparent quality and the brightness of the paper showing through the layers of paint. Watercolor is an ideal medium for painting my favorite subjects - water and waves. (What surfer doesn't have a "thing" for surf art?) My color choices tend toward the primaries and are heavily influenced by color motifs in American Indian beadwork. I hope to soon offer some of my old and new paintings as fine art prints and greeting cards in the Visible Soul online store. If you see something you particularly like, drop me an email and your favorite just might be the first to print.

I've been drawing since an early age. For many years colored pens were my medium of choice. I rarely create finished drawings any more but I am known to draw a cartoon once in a while. The Drawings & Prints Gallery 1 does have a colored pencil drawing that I turned into a Christmas card. Definitely one that I intend to print for the store.

I enjoyed the intaglio printmaking process when I had access to a press. The three prints currently in the Drawings & Prints Gallery 1 are all intaglio etchings.

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